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just like that joyful

marți, iulie 28th, 2009
On the first, mother who wears cap will participate in politics study to the municipal Party committee of Beijing of peasants’ and workers’ democratic party. On the way home
,See an old friend far away big. No wonder too this, age of 50 sharp, the expression in one’s eyes is just right. The old friend is
Deputy secretary-general of the Central Committee of China Democratic League, is called Xin ZhiChao. He, father, mother familiar with,but also and I sister, and
I am familiar with too. Our door sill, he steps into and steps out. Take before talking about proper business with father each time
Give to me the two sisters and speak to a section of stories. What the story said mostly is swallow’s all old words, and then with that of Beijing of Beijing in one’s mouth
The musical sound is matched, we hear with relish. The person of the Central Committee of China Democratic League, count from Shen JunRu downwards, comes to home
In have a meeting, discuss by thing, as a guest, the chat one,last a few dozen. It want piece the salty and light when it is the familiar to growing,this person for the moment from
The person not far of mother, must calculate within ten. So I good at imagine mother recognize him, that burst is washed
Move, just like that joyful and that enthusiasm.

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Go home

vineri, iulie 3rd, 2009
it is " rational "  High-standard requirement(2)   
Go home, I check exercise of her originally, find she make according to exercise order of book honestly carefully at dusk, have not looked like her daddy’s wheel and deal like that as a child. It seems in order to read the book that herself want to read, she pays attention to efficiency very much. 
It is appropriate that this makes me review my requirements for daughter. In fact when I see she is reading in the window of the balcony is sewn, with the shock in the twinkling of an eye, then it is a burst of confession. 
I had thinking all the time the thoughts communication of daughter and I was very abundant, she was willing to only look at classical literary works. It is still a child eight or nine years old after all that I have neglected her, there are her friend’s circles, the topic while enclosing certainly will not be the classical literature. The topic between them is that TV, film, movie star, singer, famous name flow naturally, there are boys and girls. Let she and popular books not isolate tantamount to lettinging she and friend the common language. 
Gao Qian there was a very high aspiration while as a child oneself, however, it all meets children’s psychology’s needs in any case to read the popular literatures, it is fair and sensible. Her hope is prevented by me, become the rigid unreasonable regulation, she has to confront with each other secretly. 
I am very happpy that there is this "  Know " Her chance, I grew up while as a child too, one’s own experience helped me to realize to the child’s psychology. 
I take this opportunity and she speak of the thing of reading a few days later. I say: "In fact father said in the past that it is incorrect to only let to see classical literature, many can be read in the modern literary works too. The modern works are closer to reality, it was the thing happening at one’s side that was described, read like being on the spot in person, topics that can exchange with the classmates are more too. " 
I say nothing about the assault of her "  Reconnoiter " . It is good many years later, I tell her, the trick of smiling at her has already been penetrated by me, have not just exposed, so angry that she beats my back continuously. 
While making me realize to parents to child’s high standard and strict requirement through this, give them certain activity space too. Requirement for child should reasonable, to discipline, can only fetter but health of child can fetter thought of them unreasonable prison type. On the contrary, they will cheat and confront with each other with other improper ways in lie. 
In the child’s education, the very important one is knowing what children are thinking, doing something. If does not know the child’s tendency, can not be begun to talk about to child’s pointed education. Find out about the child’s thought behavior, carry on rational adjustment at any time, make it geared to actual circumstances even more, it is very important.    

The atmosphere has been very good

vineri, aprilie 17th, 2009
The atmosphere has been very good all the time. Everybody speaks some digression, has talked about the love affair of the British imperial family, has talked about change of personnel, price, Gong Li and Mao Amin of the water-melon of this year in the municipal government, have talked about leukemia, Wu TingTing, Wu Ting’s graceful mother. Everybody has been sentimental once, sympathized with once, and then drank a toast in order to wait the wind record company in season. The wine is Wuliangye, everybody is big after drinking a toast " Ah " Every one,it seem it is for young girl the graceful to express by sympathy and say with feeling again in Wu. 
Dedicated to sit only sillily all the time in the east, can not insert. Certainly, he does not want to chip in either, just sits there silently, eat few too. He will not eat a lot of things on the desk just without seeing. Luo Qi signals him with great care many times, he can only eat one, eats once, eat it stupidly and also cumbersomely, clumsy bar very much, know it is salary family that leave come out make children bitter once seeing. Woman always careful, Luo Qi pass, can lose face come to Geng DongLiang saying some what time a little. Luo Qi: "Where to work originally? " Dedicated the east on to answer: "Have not worked yet, is studying in the normal university. " Luo Qi and "  Oh" Go back,say: "What is to be done the study for the future? " Geng DongLiang says: "Leave school. " Luo Qi’s upper part of the body has stepped aside backward, it is dedicated to look the east up and down bright in surprise, say: "What do you say? Do you leave school? Why? " Geng Dong is fairly proper in on answering, Geng DongLiang says: "I want to work for company earlier. " Luo Qi listen to after the words this taking eyes look up and down Li found the state. Li JianGuo can’t drink, but he have to drink today, there is color of wine on the face. Li JianGuo says: "They three have retreated, it is an artistic institute to unfold, Xiao’s wheat belongs to the drama school in the province, their foundation is good, young, the prospect can’t be wrong. " Luo Qi relieve oneself, in silence, look at Li found the state, just smile, say finally: 
"Xiao Li, you are really too competent! " 
Li JianGuo carries the wineglass at once, toasts to the Chairman. He has said "  Drink it in order to offer first "  ,One has been got rid of. Luo Qi has closed a small mouth tightly, says from the language: "Xiao Li is too competent. " 
Drink and have everybody and unlock to certain one. Called "  It is always high " From fetching microphone behind,for Geng say DongLiang: "The guy, sing a song for your foster-mother. " All people applaud and agree. Luo Qi stretches out both hands, says: "Let it be, still really becoming a foster-mother, smile having a joke. " JianGuo Li take over microphone, fill in, get Geng Dong on hand get on, say loudly: "It is met again that sing a revolutionary song, ", mum ". " Geng DongLiang have to pick up the microphone, standing up waits for the accompaniment of MTV to bring. Having waited for quite a while, the young lady comes over to greet and say: "There is not this song. " Luo Qi says: "Sing " Pearl of the Orient " for us, I like very much. " Geng DongLiang swept everybody’s excitement when being not fortunately like this, sang this popular song. All applaud for Luo Qi after finishing singing this song, Chairman Luo Qi has a son, there is an adopted son. 
Having separated for one day, in only the third day afternoon, general manager Li JianGuo stopped Geng DongLiang. Li JianGuo is busy so long, complexion on the face is a bit tired out, look a bit weighed down with anxieties. People mostly can forget, smile when weariness, JianGuo Li weighed down with anxieties to give dedicated the east on a certain severe impression in this case. Li JianGuo takes care of and says: "We have a talk again. " 
The place for talk remains unchanged in the small conference hall. Li JianGuo and Geng DongLiang got used to according to last time’s talk, each one sat on the old position of last talk. Li found the state, hold one stainless steel teacup, blow one breath, say the language: "Really a little hard. " Geng DongLiang produced a kind of illusion suddenly inside at the time of this one, Li JianGuo was not his general manager, and his counsellor or form master. Geng DongLiang remembers, have been actually keeping " students " all the time in front of him one’s own Psychology,even when President Li is smiling,bone sub inside have every one who is the majestic always actually, only that one does not have majestic since anger. When to have this bad impression, Geng DongLiang can not say a little. 
Li JianGuo says: "Others say when I study, what I sang is better than the ones that said, but I insist on believing, what I said is better than the ones that sang. " 
Dedicated the east on to blink odd eyes. It is a little abrupt that this sentence is listened to inside ears. According to " have a talk " Habit,finish speaking President Li what there is the easts dedicated after a word. But Geng DongLiang can not take out of the mouth. Geng DongLiang does not know that there is any suitable that can be followed behind this sentence of President Li’s. DongLiang Geng smile, DongLiang Geng feel face very unatural in the hollow laugh, seem to have a Premonition that there is somethinging will happen. 
Li JianGuo said suddenly: "What’re you like at changing to sing popularly? " 
Geng DongLiang congeals the god, says: "What do you say? " 
Li founds the state and has not beaten around the bush at all, say: "I have an idea, want to let you change to sing popularly. " 
Geng DongLiang: "What a terrible thing it would be? " 
Li JianGuo stands up, behind two backs of the hand are in the waist. Not speaking as in his look, but the picture gives lessons even more. He says: "We sing to a wrong understanding bel canto, think the bel canto just shouted ‘ sang ‘, other things are not. This is a mistake. In front of modernity at least, this is a mistake. " 
Geng DongLiang: "The question is that I still like this mistake. " 
But Li JianGuo has smiled. He stretches out an arm , a hand, a finger, says: "I think we have found the common point. All of us have seen, this is a mistake. " 
Dedicated the east on one mouth, stand up too suddenly. Li found the state but sit down after DongLiang Geng stand up. He sits very slowly, very calm. His " sits down " Have taken a whiff of warnings in Geng Dong’s bright eyes with the warning. Geng DongLiang looks at him, holds in the chair again. Geng DongLiang wants to find just now "  Sit down " Then for kinds of feeling,it is find to but not have. How Geng DongLiang can not remember clearly just now "  Sit down " . He has been diligent several times, have not found. Geng DongLiang lowers one’s voice and says this time: "Besides, I can not sing either. " 
Li JianGuo smiles: "This is only a technological question. " He says, " what we want to discuss is exactly this. Moreover you sing so as to never go wrong accurately, you sing pretty well the night before last, you sing well, it is out of the ordinary to deserve to be called and export. " 
Geng Dong more and more the redder turns. He is clogged, has stopped up. Dedicated to stammer only in the east, say: "That just makes everybody glad, play. "    

The unpleasant word

luni, martie 9th, 2009
Handmade BraceletsBeaded BraceletsHeart NecklaceBeaded Necklaces BaoLian no longer thinks that floats in the sky like a snow flake oneself, her step is never so heavy, the mood is never so dull too. To sound in the throat she, choke a fishbone, vomit really   
Ge ZhanShui comes to the amusement city of imperial crown by car. 
Boss Gan, boss Zhao, boss Mei, boss and others Shen is enclosing and rolling, talk in full swing. 
See Ge ZhanShui, all laugh heartily. 
Ge ZhanShui is smiled baffledly, is facing toward the silver mirror of the cupboard and look oneself up and down, find nothing unusual, go back body, tow long tone say: "Who – -Here – -Say – -I – -The unpleasant word? " 
The laugh is louder in this case. Boss Gan face upward face pairs of handle thigh make loud, he says out of puff: "Boss Ge boss Ge, unexpected you, when being young in order to see that red thing dawn of fee, even old lady has! " Boss Gan is Mou Great Britain’s man, and the biggest building materials whole seller in Jingjiang. 
Ge ZhanShui understands suddenly what is the matter, it is the brother’s younger sister of the fee that the fee is red dawn , it is that he is once a woman whose chest thought. He turns sight to boss Zhao, because only boss Zhao knows this. It happen in him returning to citying just, he, and in the fee, fee country become sworn brothers, often have an opportunity to keep in touch red with sister’s fee dawn. Say, blush, though he almost 30 at that time, still pieces of place man, woman sample the on earth in stuff that, have not been knowing all the time. Yellow gaudy green pre-marital life or death allow him nearly body, even difficult to see one side, see woman hope of stuff that place fee on to be red on one’s body dawn he. Never think it is a unreasonable main fact even more that the fee is red dawn, busy for half a day, only listen to the stair and ring, have not seen people come down. 
One day, too that stuff ShuQing Zhao of suffering, that is, turn on Mr. Zhao of the restaurant find him now, say that the old woman of a not native has lived in the west bridge opening of the city, so long as give 2 yuan, a competent once. Having listened to this words, he slips away so smallly as to run to the west of the city, creep into the bridge opening. Afterwards, he points to that stuff of old woman and says: This one, this one   The old woman has misunderstood his meaning, answer: The guy, I am nearly 50, why can still be a virgin? He says: I ask you whether woman stuff these grow the same? The old woman smiled, asked instead: A lot of longer styles that can still your man? He excited endlessly, one bridge opening say to ShuQing Zhao I see fee dawn red and yellow gaudy green stuff those from old woman. 
  Boss Zhao face direct-view of ZhanShui Ge make a slight bow repeatedly, beg for mercy dish: "Boss Ge, boss Ge, I say this piece tell you whether you Ge account for ink full of vitality mainly, have violent man makings; The second is good at the skill of making changes according to specific conditions, have the businessman’s wisdom   "
Boss Shen studies Ge ZhanShui exultantly, stretch out a finger and light underpart of boss Gan nearby, "this one, this one   "
Boss Gan is towing the woman’s too: "The guy, my capital is nearly 50, why can also be a virgin   "
Ge ZhanShui puts and sets about telling everybody to be quiet, then say surreptitiously: "I will reveal a piece of beat now, that is boss Zhao before one’s eyes, Zhao ShuQing, famous entrepreneur of Jingjiang, how in order to peep the woman latrine is it while jumping the quene, and fall into the son of manure pit   "
Ge ZhanShui could just revitalize, but the mouth was sealed tightly by boss Zhao’s big hands: 
"Boss Ge, it will be dull at once for you, this life newspaper, weak, weak   "
Boss Shen breaks boss Zhao’s hands into two with one’s hands, says: 
"Why you so, let boss Ge say something about, why steal a glance at the woman latrine you were that year. " 
The clear voice of boss Mei of the waist of smiling and can’t get up continuously aside is said: 
"This let me remember I make one yellow Zi Duan that man-hour hear, say it is old Buddhist abbot of temple that want nirvana, all Buddhist monk enclose he, ask this grow what matters of regret there are, if they can do, finish for the master worker. The old Buddhist abbot has got a cough in long time, just say the wish: Always receive this and grow everything to see, but has not seen that stuff of the woman’s   " 
Roar with laughter in a period of time. 
Boss Mei originally works in an underground publishing house, is a famous pirate trader of Jingjiang now, have held yellow Duan Zi of a stomach. 
Boss Shen stretch out one finger just, ZhanShui Ge make that finger getting curved, say: 
"Listen to boss Mei. " 
"Hear master worker’s last hope, all Buddhist monks see eye to eye, they decide to satisfy the master worker finally. Then, they spent a sum of burning incense’s money in the temple, invite a prostitute from the town under the mountain, bring the prostitute into the Buddhist abbot’s bed, all with withdrawing silently. Too small half a day, the prostitute leaves away floating in the air. All Buddhist monks are busy with beating and asking enclosing the master worker, who knows the old Buddhist abbot answers, oh, that stuff, exactly the same as Buddhist nun originally! Blind burning incense’s money in vain   " 
Boss Mei tells so that the saliva flashes, the waiter comes in, bow in he is a moment rumble in one’s ear, have gone out again. 
Boss Mei’s heart tells everybody difficultly to itch to scratch: "You, you, this calls it after travelling far and wide in search of it, does not obtain the time of fee completely. Everybody can enjoy a Western-style sumptuous meal, a real Russian sumptuous meal tonight   " 
"The Russian young lady of a water, fly to the sky strongly more than the false foreign devil in boss Zhao’s cage! " Boss Shen is gesticulating overstating with hands: 
"The milk is so big, buttocks   "
"This one, this one   "Boss Gan holds up a finger to jab again. 
"This woman in whole world is all the same. " Boss Zhao ha the skin smiling face is said. 
" whether will know soon equally, " Boss Shen drinks the red wine in the dry goblet, say, 
Mobile POS|Contactless POS|Fingerprint POS|Credit Card Terminal|Point of Sale one can’t be few. "  

Wash the face clean

luni, martie 9th, 2009
Lu Ying
Handmade BraceletsBeaded BraceletsHeart NecklaceBeaded Necklaces returns a compliment to Mou Great Britain fiercely too: "OK, fine, you feel, don’t have a rest hand, wait for which day sweet master come, you watch I! " 
After Great Britain Mou leave, Ying Lu run into bedroom, bungle urgent door Peng. 
Ge ZhanShui coaxes and tries to persuade one patiently: "How is you so, do not others joke? Do not come true. " 
Tip Lu sob: "Why is you so low- down , she feel your face with hands, you do not even move to move, whether enjoy very much? " 
Ge ZhanShui says with a kind of hurt and wronged tune: "A pocket heart that how you grow , have that meaning to don’t mention Mou Great Britain, just have, do you think I have that strength? Is not my attention complete on you? If not see the sisters in she is the neighbours, anything crops up there is one to correlate at ordinary times, my urine is a spirit of hers! How could I look for one to disturb an appearance of getting on the net, give to a cuckold’s woman of men? " 
Hear green cap several word , Lu tip heart the click is loud, draws back the keeper soon, say rubing eyes: "I forbid you kind to other woman, want them touch you still more. " 
Ge pinch her lower jaw ink: "It can’t be, I am only good alone to you. " 
Tip Lu bright to laugh at, say: "Wash the face clean. " 
Having seen Ge ZhanShui entering the bathroom, she leaves closer: "Shave with the knife. " 
Ge ZhanShui is the night when goes home. 
He go over to ask, if he see that vast and still busy in the kitchen in water: "Why do not you have a rest? " 
Yu ShuiMiao says: "I want to fry some spring rolls for children. " Ladle out, produce, fry the yellow spring roll with strainer, say by the she: 
"I go school today, give him bring some steamed meat, he rare terribly. I want to fry a little more spring rolls today, will send the past tomorrow morning. 
Heart of ZhanShui Ge, seem, roll spring roll that come out on oil cauldron just too, emit the steam. 
He says: "You spoil him. What is the school? Let he himself foot a bill to buy. " 
" whether it gets to be then, " Yu ShuiMiao says: 
"However, he dislikes expensiveness, unwilling to foot a bill to buy. " 
Ge ZhanShui has twisted the eyebrow hang-up again: "Look, whether pour out with a mould of his dead mother? Greedy, also deduct the door, also selfish. " He walks towards bedroom speaking. 
Finish tidying up the kitchen when water enters the bedroom vastly, find Ge ZhanShui is standing still for a long while in front of the craft window of the carving, fix one’s eyes on and look far into the distance, a pair of appearances laden with anxiety. She takes advantage of a situation and hopes to go, the pitch-dark window, only fox’s street light alone is emitting the orange exhaust gas in the cold wind, stars floating vaguely over the city. 
"Do you have a worry? " Nestle in water vastly at his side. 
"Oh – -No. " He takes arms out, says her nest in one’s own arm wrist: 
"Feel a little hard. " 
"Then you have a rest early, I go to pour a cup of milk for you. " 
"Do not drink, finish drinking and always want to go to toilet. " 
"Cough – -"Suddenly remembered in vast picture of water: 
"Very strange today, pair eats the cupboard and loses 4 bags of bamboo shoots. " 
"Who is on duty? " Ge is getting cold and detached when taking water in a flash. 
"It seems to be a new-comer, it was Li WanChang that introduced, you do not know. " Pretend not to know carrying clearly in water vastly. 
"Oh – -Hey, I go to the warehouse in the afternoon, see WanChang and others Li is getting the inner wrapping, know   "
"All these are figured in, can be lack of 4 bags. " 
See husband keep silent, until water vast to comfort dish: "Let it be, you do not place this minor matter on in the heart, actually I did not want to tell you, but after WanChang and others Li was afraid you knew, will get even with them, I will just greet with you. I have already told them to keep silence, the new-comer, does not understand many rules. " 
"How must you be the new-comer? " 
"They say so in Li WanChang and high mirror, I begin not to believe either, look at her quite honest, this rough share, there is the counter, the high mirror finds once carrying on that has lacked 4 bags, Li ten thousand Changdu wants to search her bag, but been stopped by me. " 
" it is impossible, " Ge ZhanShui presses and stops the bedside lamp,
Mobile POS|Contactless POS|Fingerprint POS|Credit Card Terminal|Point of Sale says coldly: 
"Sleep. "  

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