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3 iulie 2009
it is " rational "  High-standard requirement(2)   
Go home, I check exercise of her originally, find she make according to exercise order of book honestly carefully at dusk, have not looked like her daddy’s wheel and deal like that as a child. It seems in order to read the book that herself want to read, she pays attention to efficiency very much. 
It is appropriate that this makes me review my requirements for daughter. In fact when I see she is reading in the window of the balcony is sewn, with the shock in the twinkling of an eye, then it is a burst of confession. 
I had thinking all the time the thoughts communication of daughter and I was very abundant, she was willing to only look at classical literary works. It is still a child eight or nine years old after all that I have neglected her, there are her friend’s circles, the topic while enclosing certainly will not be the classical literature. The topic between them is that TV, film, movie star, singer, famous name flow naturally, there are boys and girls. Let she and popular books not isolate tantamount to lettinging she and friend the common language. 
Gao Qian there was a very high aspiration while as a child oneself, however, it all meets children’s psychology’s needs in any case to read the popular literatures, it is fair and sensible. Her hope is prevented by me, become the rigid unreasonable regulation, she has to confront with each other secretly. 
I am very happpy that there is this "  Know " Her chance, I grew up while as a child too, one’s own experience helped me to realize to the child’s psychology. 
I take this opportunity and she speak of the thing of reading a few days later. I say: "In fact father said in the past that it is incorrect to only let to see classical literature, many can be read in the modern literary works too. The modern works are closer to reality, it was the thing happening at one’s side that was described, read like being on the spot in person, topics that can exchange with the classmates are more too. " 
I say nothing about the assault of her "  Reconnoiter " . It is good many years later, I tell her, the trick of smiling at her has already been penetrated by me, have not just exposed, so angry that she beats my back continuously. 
While making me realize to parents to child’s high standard and strict requirement through this, give them certain activity space too. Requirement for child should reasonable, to discipline, can only fetter but health of child can fetter thought of them unreasonable prison type. On the contrary, they will cheat and confront with each other with other improper ways in lie. 
In the child’s education, the very important one is knowing what children are thinking, doing something. If does not know the child’s tendency, can not be begun to talk about to child’s pointed education. Find out about the child’s thought behavior, carry on rational adjustment at any time, make it geared to actual circumstances even more, it is very important.    

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