Wash the face clean

9 martie 2009
Lu Ying
Handmade BraceletsBeaded BraceletsHeart NecklaceBeaded Necklaces returns a compliment to Mou Great Britain fiercely too: "OK, fine, you feel, don’t have a rest hand, wait for which day sweet master come, you watch I! " 
After Great Britain Mou leave, Ying Lu run into bedroom, bungle urgent door Peng. 
Ge ZhanShui coaxes and tries to persuade one patiently: "How is you so, do not others joke? Do not come true. " 
Tip Lu sob: "Why is you so low- down , she feel your face with hands, you do not even move to move, whether enjoy very much? " 
Ge ZhanShui says with a kind of hurt and wronged tune: "A pocket heart that how you grow , have that meaning to don’t mention Mou Great Britain, just have, do you think I have that strength? Is not my attention complete on you? If not see the sisters in she is the neighbours, anything crops up there is one to correlate at ordinary times, my urine is a spirit of hers! How could I look for one to disturb an appearance of getting on the net, give to a cuckold’s woman of men? " 
Hear green cap several word , Lu tip heart the click is loud, draws back the keeper soon, say rubing eyes: "I forbid you kind to other woman, want them touch you still more. " 
Ge pinch her lower jaw ink: "It can’t be, I am only good alone to you. " 
Tip Lu bright to laugh at, say: "Wash the face clean. " 
Having seen Ge ZhanShui entering the bathroom, she leaves closer: "Shave with the knife. " 
Ge ZhanShui is the night when goes home. 
He go over to ask, if he see that vast and still busy in the kitchen in water: "Why do not you have a rest? " 
Yu ShuiMiao says: "I want to fry some spring rolls for children. " Ladle out, produce, fry the yellow spring roll with strainer, say by the she: 
"I go school today, give him bring some steamed meat, he rare terribly. I want to fry a little more spring rolls today, will send the past tomorrow morning. 
Heart of ZhanShui Ge, seem, roll spring roll that come out on oil cauldron just too, emit the steam. 
He says: "You spoil him. What is the school? Let he himself foot a bill to buy. " 
" whether it gets to be then, " Yu ShuiMiao says: 
"However, he dislikes expensiveness, unwilling to foot a bill to buy. " 
Ge ZhanShui has twisted the eyebrow hang-up again: "Look, whether pour out with a mould of his dead mother? Greedy, also deduct the door, also selfish. " He walks towards bedroom speaking. 
Finish tidying up the kitchen when water enters the bedroom vastly, find Ge ZhanShui is standing still for a long while in front of the craft window of the carving, fix one’s eyes on and look far into the distance, a pair of appearances laden with anxiety. She takes advantage of a situation and hopes to go, the pitch-dark window, only fox’s street light alone is emitting the orange exhaust gas in the cold wind, stars floating vaguely over the city. 
"Do you have a worry? " Nestle in water vastly at his side. 
"Oh – -No. " He takes arms out, says her nest in one’s own arm wrist: 
"Feel a little hard. " 
"Then you have a rest early, I go to pour a cup of milk for you. " 
"Do not drink, finish drinking and always want to go to toilet. " 
"Cough – -"Suddenly remembered in vast picture of water: 
"Very strange today, pair eats the cupboard and loses 4 bags of bamboo shoots. " 
"Who is on duty? " Ge is getting cold and detached when taking water in a flash. 
"It seems to be a new-comer, it was Li WanChang that introduced, you do not know. " Pretend not to know carrying clearly in water vastly. 
"Oh – -Hey, I go to the warehouse in the afternoon, see WanChang and others Li is getting the inner wrapping, know   "
"All these are figured in, can be lack of 4 bags. " 
See husband keep silent, until water vast to comfort dish: "Let it be, you do not place this minor matter on in the heart, actually I did not want to tell you, but after WanChang and others Li was afraid you knew, will get even with them, I will just greet with you. I have already told them to keep silence, the new-comer, does not understand many rules. " 
"How must you be the new-comer? " 
"They say so in Li WanChang and high mirror, I begin not to believe either, look at her quite honest, this rough share, there is the counter, the high mirror finds once carrying on that has lacked 4 bags, Li ten thousand Changdu wants to search her bag, but been stopped by me. " 
" it is impossible, " Ge ZhanShui presses and stops the bedside lamp,
Mobile POS|Contactless POS|Fingerprint POS|Credit Card Terminal|Point of Sale says coldly: 
"Sleep. "  

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