The unpleasant word

9 martie 2009
Handmade BraceletsBeaded BraceletsHeart NecklaceBeaded Necklaces BaoLian no longer thinks that floats in the sky like a snow flake oneself, her step is never so heavy, the mood is never so dull too. To sound in the throat she, choke a fishbone, vomit really   
Ge ZhanShui comes to the amusement city of imperial crown by car. 
Boss Gan, boss Zhao, boss Mei, boss and others Shen is enclosing and rolling, talk in full swing. 
See Ge ZhanShui, all laugh heartily. 
Ge ZhanShui is smiled baffledly, is facing toward the silver mirror of the cupboard and look oneself up and down, find nothing unusual, go back body, tow long tone say: "Who – -Here – -Say – -I – -The unpleasant word? " 
The laugh is louder in this case. Boss Gan face upward face pairs of handle thigh make loud, he says out of puff: "Boss Ge boss Ge, unexpected you, when being young in order to see that red thing dawn of fee, even old lady has! " Boss Gan is Mou Great Britain’s man, and the biggest building materials whole seller in Jingjiang. 
Ge ZhanShui understands suddenly what is the matter, it is the brother’s younger sister of the fee that the fee is red dawn , it is that he is once a woman whose chest thought. He turns sight to boss Zhao, because only boss Zhao knows this. It happen in him returning to citying just, he, and in the fee, fee country become sworn brothers, often have an opportunity to keep in touch red with sister’s fee dawn. Say, blush, though he almost 30 at that time, still pieces of place man, woman sample the on earth in stuff that, have not been knowing all the time. Yellow gaudy green pre-marital life or death allow him nearly body, even difficult to see one side, see woman hope of stuff that place fee on to be red on one’s body dawn he. Never think it is a unreasonable main fact even more that the fee is red dawn, busy for half a day, only listen to the stair and ring, have not seen people come down. 
One day, too that stuff ShuQing Zhao of suffering, that is, turn on Mr. Zhao of the restaurant find him now, say that the old woman of a not native has lived in the west bridge opening of the city, so long as give 2 yuan, a competent once. Having listened to this words, he slips away so smallly as to run to the west of the city, creep into the bridge opening. Afterwards, he points to that stuff of old woman and says: This one, this one   The old woman has misunderstood his meaning, answer: The guy, I am nearly 50, why can still be a virgin? He says: I ask you whether woman stuff these grow the same? The old woman smiled, asked instead: A lot of longer styles that can still your man? He excited endlessly, one bridge opening say to ShuQing Zhao I see fee dawn red and yellow gaudy green stuff those from old woman. 
  Boss Zhao face direct-view of ZhanShui Ge make a slight bow repeatedly, beg for mercy dish: "Boss Ge, boss Ge, I say this piece tell you whether you Ge account for ink full of vitality mainly, have violent man makings; The second is good at the skill of making changes according to specific conditions, have the businessman’s wisdom   "
Boss Shen studies Ge ZhanShui exultantly, stretch out a finger and light underpart of boss Gan nearby, "this one, this one   "
Boss Gan is towing the woman’s too: "The guy, my capital is nearly 50, why can also be a virgin   "
Ge ZhanShui puts and sets about telling everybody to be quiet, then say surreptitiously: "I will reveal a piece of beat now, that is boss Zhao before one’s eyes, Zhao ShuQing, famous entrepreneur of Jingjiang, how in order to peep the woman latrine is it while jumping the quene, and fall into the son of manure pit   "
Ge ZhanShui could just revitalize, but the mouth was sealed tightly by boss Zhao’s big hands: 
"Boss Ge, it will be dull at once for you, this life newspaper, weak, weak   "
Boss Shen breaks boss Zhao’s hands into two with one’s hands, says: 
"Why you so, let boss Ge say something about, why steal a glance at the woman latrine you were that year. " 
The clear voice of boss Mei of the waist of smiling and can’t get up continuously aside is said: 
"This let me remember I make one yellow Zi Duan that man-hour hear, say it is old Buddhist abbot of temple that want nirvana, all Buddhist monk enclose he, ask this grow what matters of regret there are, if they can do, finish for the master worker. The old Buddhist abbot has got a cough in long time, just say the wish: Always receive this and grow everything to see, but has not seen that stuff of the woman’s   " 
Roar with laughter in a period of time. 
Boss Mei originally works in an underground publishing house, is a famous pirate trader of Jingjiang now, have held yellow Duan Zi of a stomach. 
Boss Shen stretch out one finger just, ZhanShui Ge make that finger getting curved, say: 
"Listen to boss Mei. " 
"Hear master worker’s last hope, all Buddhist monks see eye to eye, they decide to satisfy the master worker finally. Then, they spent a sum of burning incense’s money in the temple, invite a prostitute from the town under the mountain, bring the prostitute into the Buddhist abbot’s bed, all with withdrawing silently. Too small half a day, the prostitute leaves away floating in the air. All Buddhist monks are busy with beating and asking enclosing the master worker, who knows the old Buddhist abbot answers, oh, that stuff, exactly the same as Buddhist nun originally! Blind burning incense’s money in vain   " 
Boss Mei tells so that the saliva flashes, the waiter comes in, bow in he is a moment rumble in one’s ear, have gone out again. 
Boss Mei’s heart tells everybody difficultly to itch to scratch: "You, you, this calls it after travelling far and wide in search of it, does not obtain the time of fee completely. Everybody can enjoy a Western-style sumptuous meal, a real Russian sumptuous meal tonight   " 
"The Russian young lady of a water, fly to the sky strongly more than the false foreign devil in boss Zhao’s cage! " Boss Shen is gesticulating overstating with hands: 
"The milk is so big, buttocks   "
"This one, this one   "Boss Gan holds up a finger to jab again. 
"This woman in whole world is all the same. " Boss Zhao ha the skin smiling face is said. 
" whether will know soon equally, " Boss Shen drinks the red wine in the dry goblet, say, 
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